My Station

Antenna setup, from top to bottom:

For reception of the lower HF bands at the very top, a tiny but impressive miniwhip antenna.

8el 2 meter Yagi, WY208 design by DK7ZB

2el Hexbeam by SP7IDX for 20,17,15,12 and 10 meter. (6 mtr not installed)

4el 6 meter and 5 el 4 meter single boom antenne, 5070OWA9 with single coax using the opensleeve principle

The rotor from CDE TR-44 is a very old one, so it may work it last years indoor.

It is mounted on 4 rubber dampers to reduce contact noise.

Overview of my shack, although nothing stays the same for very long ever.

Kenwood TS590sg for HF, 6 meter, excellent transceiver. very happy with it. Best bang for the buck transceiver there is.

My good old Yaesu FT897d "shack in a box" transceiver. Used for 2 meter and portable operation

Again a lot of bang for the buck.

CW double paddle keyer (unknown manufacturer),

Together with WINKEY-2 excellent from rag-chewing to contesting.